VAT Exemption

You might not have to pay VAT

As long as you tell us you’re exempt

If you are chronically sick or disabled, and the mobility products are for your personal use, you can be exempted from paying VAT.

The same applies to charities that make mobility products available for people’s personal or domestic use.

This is why our prices generally do not include VAT. Therefore, as long as you tick the VAT Exempt checkboxes when you make your purchase, you will not be charged VAT. If you do not tick these boxes, we have to add VAT to the purchase price. This will be highlighted clearly for you by the shopping calculator, so that if you are exempt you can go back and tick the box.

If you would like to discuss your VAT position, please talk to the Customer Care team on 0800 567 7618. They’re available Monday-Friday, 9am – 5pm.