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Quick Blog that will just update all our readers (4) as to what is going on in the world of Rise and Recliner chairs, lightweight wheelchairs and all things Fenetic.

Recently we gained a new employee. Lisa has got into the spirit of things well and gives us a sense of calm in the office. She has had to adapt to our work culture (see below) but so far everything is looking good and we are thankful to have her.

Tom and Grum

Lisa’s arrival has triggered a change in thinking for Fenetic. We can no longer get away with being seen as two idiots in a caravan selling folding wheelchairs. We now have a proper team of humans for whom we are responsible. So now we have the opportunity to implement structure and develop strategy. Tom once thought all that was just business jargon designed to make his head spin but once he looked into it, it all made sense.

Implementing structure is difficult! Tom and Graeme have had to stop and think about every aspect of the business. Who would be responsible for the tasks? How would the company move forward? What is the long-term strategy for Fenetic now that other humans are reliant on it for their livelihood? How do we keep the same great value and fast service? A re-think needed.

Tom was given a book (Change by Design. Tim Brown) and spoke to some people who are far cleverer than him. Reading the book, together with the meetings, brought up issues around design thinking, mind mapping and developing strategy. Who would have thought all this work and deep thought would go into Rise and Recliner Chairs, Commodes and lightweight wheelchairs?

Implementing new structure and strategy is an ongoing project, needing constant tweeking (not to be confused with twerking). The result of this work will see Fenetic bring out new products that are original and interesting. It will see us work more efficiently. This will create more time for customer care and enable us to provide a more personal service.


Check out our new Products!
The Pink Wheelchair

Pink Wheelchair



Rise and Recliner chair with Table.


Fenetic News

TOM – Got caught singing Beyonce at work (All The Single Ladies)

GRUM – Has a new patio (we are getting old)

NAT – Turned 21 and then her car fell apart (welcome to adulthood)

AL – might have bought a house (we say ‘might’ because this is proving to be the most complicated house purchase in history)

LISA – has 732 Denim Jackets. (not an exaggeration)


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