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When buying Rise Recliner Chairs there are important things to consider.

Singe Motor vs Dual Motor

The main two types of Rise Recliner chairs are single and dual motor. A single motor Rise Recliner means that the backrest and footrest move at the same time. This means that when you recline the backrest, the footrest will come up in-line with the backrest. The single motor is moving both the backrest to a lower position and the footrest to a raised position. A dual motor Rise Recliner has independent motors for both the footrest and backrest. This means that you can keep the backrest straight and just bring the footrest up and vica versa. This gives you much better control of the positioning and reclining positions for the chair.



All our Rise Recliner chairs have specifications and feature lists on our website so you can be sure the chair will fit within your existing space. It is important to remember that Rise Recliner chairs have moving footrest and backrests, so you will need to make sure you allow additional room at the front and back of the chair to accommodate this.

Material & Colour

Our Rise Recliner chairs come in a wide range of materials and colours to provide a fantastic choice to compliment the aesthetics of your home. These include leather, faux leather, bonded leather and fabric.

Heat and Massage

Many Rise Recliner chairs have additional options and features including Heat and Massage to provide additional comfort.

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Rise Recliner Chair Videos

Below are a few videos of the wide range of Chairs we offer. Don’t forget to check our YouTube Channel to see more Videos, we are constantly adding more.

Our most popular Rise Recliner Chair


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