Wheelchairs Overview

A wheelchairs usefulness can vary from user to user each with their own specific needs. At Fenetic we provide a range of wheelchairs which should be able to cover all those needs. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to call on (888) 38-FENETIC.

Self Propel Wheelchairs

If the user of the wheelchair is intending to propel themselves in order to get around in the wheelchair then a Self Propel wheelchair will be needed. These wheelchairs have a large rear wheel which have hand rims in order to propel the chair.

Most self propel wheelchairs will also have handles on the back for assistance and Fenetic even have models of self propel wheelchairs which have attendant hand brakes as well. Other benefits to self propel wheelchairs are the larger rear wheel can make getting up curbs easier.

Transit Wheelchairs

If the user of the wheelchair intends to rely on someone else pushing the chair, a  transit wheelchair will be needed. The transit wheelchair has smaller rear wheels and can be easier to manoeuvre for the person pushing. They are easier to store and put in to the boot of cars. These wheelchairs are usually preferred when only occasional use is needed for a wheelchair.

Travel Wheelchairs

Fenetic Wellbeing is a fantastic range of travel wheelchairs which are designed for occasional use, travel and or a back up second wheelchair. Our range all fold down further than a standard chair and all come with a carry bag, making travel a lot easier.

Suspension Wheelchairs

The Fenetic Wellbeing full Suspension Wheelchairs provide a new level of comfort for wheelchair users. They feature adjustable suspension that can be tailored for the user and the environment thus reducing the effects of any uneven floor surface.

Most wheelchairs don’t have suspension as standard, and as a lot of use is commonly outside it provides a much smoother and comfortable ride for the user especially on hard pavement surfaces. The chairs also makes travelling up and down curbs and changes in the floor level more seamless, reducing the vibration felt by the occupant.

Wheelchair Videos

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