Walking Aids

Walking Aids Overview

Walking Aids

Walking frames are designed to provide help and stability when walking inside or outside. They can provide more support that the traditional walking stick but still give the independence which a wheelchair can sometimes not. The improvement in quality, look and feel that has happened over the last five years in this segment of the market has been substantial and there are many different types of walking frames available.

Tri Walkers

Tri wheel walking frames rollators have two rear wheels and a swivel front wheel. They are easy to push often lighter in weight and the take up less room when it comes to storing or getting them on or off public transport. They fold in the middle of the frame and the back wheels then come together. They are the most popular form of walker for people who are new to using this kind of product. They all come with brakes which have easy to use locking systems.

Four Wheeled Walkers

On a four wheeled walker rollator the 2 front castors will swivel to enable the frame to go in the direction you want, whilst the rear 2 are fixed for stability. The rear wheels are where the braking mechanism will sit, Four wheel walkers have a seat centred between the handle bars for resting and convenience during use. They all come with brakes which have easy to use locking systems.

Walking Frame overview

Four wheeled walker rollators are more stable that three wheeled walker rollators, Three wheeled walker rollators tend to be lighter. At Fenetic we have developed a range of X rollators. The X FOLD, X LITE and X CRUISE we feel these product combine the positives of traditional four wheeled walker and the lightness and effectiveness of a three wheeled walker. You can check them out here..

Walking Aids Videos

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