Here at Fenetic Wellbeing we have a comprehensive range of products which can help in the bathroom.

Shower Seats

Taking a shower or having a bath can become difficult once a persons mobility has been comprimised. In the first instance even having somewhere just to sit when standing becomes too much is very important, Fenetic has a wide range of free standing or wall mounted showerseats, they come in all different forms, with backrests, without backrests, rotoating seats and adjustable heights.


Fenetic Wellbeing specialise in two different makes of bathlifts, the Orca and the Bellavita both excellent models from established manufacturers. The seat allows the occupant to be taken down into the bath and then raised up afterwards, taking away the stress of trying to get in and out of a bath. For more information about our bathlifts please do not hesitate to get in touch with our customer care team on 0800 567 7618.


Fenetic Wellbeing in partnership with EliteCare have put together a comprehensive range of portable commodes. From a basic model to all the way through to a wheeled commodes suitable for heavy usage in a care home environment.

For more information call us on 0800 567 7618