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Back to the blogging. It has been many months since the last blog in which we linked Dracula to Rise and Recliner Chairs. As mentioned in previous blogs we have been tasked with improving our Search Engine Optimisation through blogging. This fills us with dread.


After speaking with our SEO experts, apparently linking Dracula to Rise and Recliner chairs and telling people how dull writing a blog can be is not the best way to attract people to our website. So here is some corporate stuff that actually we are very proud of….


Fenetic is now one of the least expensive lightweight wheelchair providers not only in Britain but also in Europe. Graeme and Tom took the decision 10 months ago to supply our goods into Europe and the response has been very positive. Therefore please get in touch if you need a wheelchair and you happen to be in Italy, France Spain and. after watching the Winter Olympics, Russia. (Frankly the sports there are brutal and wheelchairs will definitely be required.)


Tom watched in horror on Sunday morning as one woman jumped off what appeared to be a man-made cliff with a bit of wood nailed to her feet…which would normally be fine of course…. but she landed on her head. Thank goodness for the helmet. (Which we can also arrange to supply.)


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Also we are very much looking forward to the Paralympic Winter Games.

In the name of all things social media here is a handy guide for you all:

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So this blog is simply going to be an update of what has happened here at Fenetic Towers over the last three months. Scouts honour we will try to keep on top of the blogging.

Fentic Office Update.


The Fenetic staff drank Halifax at the Christmas party. (Work hard, Drink fast)


Graeme went on a stag do and fell asleep on a toilet.


Tom had a child and now falls asleep on the toilet.


Nat lost her works phone by dropping it down the toilet.



Al is off work today and is currenttly hugging a toilet.


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