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As mentioned in previous blogs Tom has a mother. She is loud, she likes to know most things about everyone and everything… sometimes this knowledge is based on experience and hard facts… often it is based in an incomprehensible world deep inside her own mind.

She sent us this video.


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Ignore the British guy at the beginning and bear with the video – it is an interesting watch.


Synopsis for those of you in a time constraint situation:

  • It is about how the world has a price tag and it is often to easy to fall into a trap of self importance and personal gain,
  • It is about how random acts of kindness can bring a sense of community and lead to self fulfilment.

Do not get us wrong – we are a company rooted in Yorkshire culture – this stuff is a bit touchy feely and very liberal.

However it got us thinking about Fenetic, A friend of ours introduced us to CSR Corporate Social Responsibility, oh how we laughed to start with but now we are really starting to see the importance especially in our sector,  so with all this in mind..


  • How do you diminish the self importance and personal gain of a business?
  • How does an online company create a community which is capable of random acts of kindness?


‘Diminishing the personal gain thing’ is difficult in business. We supply Lightweight Wheelchairs and Rise and Recliner chairs and everything else mobility wise, we have to make a profit in order to grow and we have to pay our staff. Fenetic feels that our attitude on this issue is this:

Because we keep costs low on all fronts… we do not have flashy cars or an expensive suite of offices (in fact we work in a hovel)…our outgoings tend to be low so our prices stay low. Customers thereby receive top of the range products for half of the price. No self importance there.

How does an online company create community? Social Media is surely the answer for an online company to create online community.

The power of social media has yet to be fully unlocked in a lot of business sectors. A testament to the power of this online community was demonstrated last week. Fact – not even Tom or Graeme’s families read this blog – however within thirty mins of it going on Twitter a company in New York had read and enjoyed it (kind of). Thanks @NYCnewa

Fenetic now has 900 followers and the support and warmth of people has generally been very pleasing.

As a business which is about making a profit, we feel inspired and compelled every now and then to do some random acts of kindness….

This week we donated £50 to an event set up to raise money for Alder Hey hospital, this was done through a contact created in the Twitter community. @cheshire_events

This random act of kindness made us feel connected. Every now and then we will blog about other acts of kindness and see where it takes us.

Thank you Tom’s mum for sending us the video.



Office Update – Focus on Random Acts of Kindness


Nat stopped singing in the office this week.

Graeme didn’t complain about how lazy everyone is.

Al gave Tom a double decker chocolate bar.

Tom made sure everyone got paid this week.

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  1. Colin says:

    Hi guys

    Most people don’t realise how dispiriting and dehumanising disability is. I went from a full on ‘high value’ job with loads of social interaction and ‘importance’ to… profound disability with MS.

    So one of the the best things to happen to me this week was buying one of those rollator thingies from you, and accidentally finding your blog. It shows you’re human, with a weird sense of understated, Yorkshire humour. And values. You’re not a machine just there to make money out of me.

    And that’s important to me (and I hope others) confined to a restricted world.

    I’ll revisit your blog!

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