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Double Negatives. – Fenetic Wellbeing Blog

  If you thesaurus’d (not good English) the word Disabled. This is what you get… Disabled, (adjective) crippled, helpless, useless, wrecked, stalled, maimed, run-down, worn-out, weakened, impotent, castrated, paralysed, handicapped, senile, decrepit, *laid up, *done up, *done in, *cracked up, *counted out This video was brought to our attention. Aimee Mullins: The Opportunity of Adversity […]

Brian or Brain. – Fenetic Wellbeing Blog

  How do people’s brains work?   Everyone has a brain and everyone has a slightly different way of using it. We all interpret and imagine things in different ways. This is one of the essential characteristics that defines the human race – that and opposable thumbs. By and large, our ability to do this […]

Fenetic Wellbeing Blog.

  The Fenetic Blog – A Mission Statement We have been advised to write a blog every week in order to help our online presence… The thought of having perpetually to write about walking sticks, lightweight wheelchairs and Rise & Recliner chairs is frightening. The only thought that scares us more is that someone would […]