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The other week Fenetic received a comment on one of its Blogs. This proves that at least one other person has read our blogs other than Tom.

We know its not cool to write a Blog about someone who read your Blog, but then writing a Blog is not overly cool to start with….However this particular response filled us with joy.

The comment read like this……

Hi guys
Most people don’t realise how dispiriting and dehumanising disability is. I went from a full on ‘high value’ job with loads of social interaction and ‘importance’ to… profound disability with MS.
So one of the the best things to happen to me this week was buying one of those rollator thingies from you, and accidentally finding your blog. It shows you’re human, with a weird sense of understated, Yorkshire humour. And values. You’re not a machine just there to make money out of me.
And that’s important to me (and I hope others) confined to a restricted world.
I’ll revisit your blog!

This is why we do what we do, and why we DO do it in the manner we do it in.(Eh?)

We are delighted we received this comment but even more delighted we could help someone. A business that both provides for its team and helps people is a incredibly pleasing thing.

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  1. Kelly says:

    I read your blog all the time. You guys are ace. You are funny, witty and human. You make me laugh and I am sure you make many others laugh. You understand your clients and their needs and make it all a great buying experience.

    Keep going guys!

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