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Tom has a sister, she is small and enjoys talking. She is much like Tom’s mum who is also small and enjoys the art of advice giving. On the other hand Tom’s dad sometimes struggles to get a word in. When he is allowed to speak he takes his time, he savours the moment, his delivery is slow…often painfully so.


Since the start of the Fenetic blog, we have been inundated with blog ideas from these three. This is greatly appreciated by us here at Fenetic, as we often don’t know what to write about.


Today’s topic has come from an article found by Tom’s sister…

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We have found that the reason our business has had a positive first few years is due to our way of doing business. This is the exact opposite of the direct selling method, which can often see customers harassed. No doubt the company mentioned in the article can point to lots of happy customers and these surely must exist. However the thought of customers being sold to directly, and not being made fully aware of the choice of products available, always makes us feel uncomfortable.


The article acts as a warning against such companies, but in fact it so happens most of the companies who sell Rise & Recliner Chairs, Wheelchairs and Scooters use this method of direct selling. Ironically, companies who operate like this advertise in and help fund the newspaper the article was taken from (pick the peanuts out of that). However, the world is changing, as we have discovered people check the internet now before buying anything…even Folding Wheelchairs. Price is important obviously but make sure you check the company you are buying from can look after you if there is a problem. At the other end of the scale will be a product sold so cheaply that it comes with no back up in the event of problems. After all, we are talking about medical aids….not jumpers.


In House News.

Tom is grumpy at having to do VAT returns.

Graeme is going to Center Parcs

Natalie went to a rave and saw something frightening in a hotel corridor afterwards.

Al’s new favourite breakfast sandwich is egg, bacon, cheese and black pudding.

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