About Us

About Us.

At Fenetic Wellbeing we concentrate on three basic elements when it comes to selling high-end quality products.

    1. Price: Our prices are fair and competitive. We will not over charge customers or seek to take advantage of people who are in a vulnerable position nor will we charge such a low price that we are unable to give a quality technical back up service and support.
    2. Customer Service: We aim to be there for our customers to guide them and advise them on all their mobility and Wellbeing needs. We will not over promise and under deliver.
    3. Honesty: Fenetic will always be honest with our customers on every aspect of our service

The Story

We are a family business that started in the UK seven years ago and recently opened for business in the USA at the end of 2015. School friends Tom Appelbee and Graeme Firth founded the Fenetic Trading Company, initially working out of Tom’s loft. From loft to garage, from container to warehouse, the company grew quickly from its humble beginnings.

When Tom’s sister Libby moved to the USA at the beginning of 2015, the Fenetic Trading Company USA was born and is now operating out of San Jose, California.

The Name = Fenetic.

Tom who is dyslexic (which in itself is very difficult to spell) used to go to special classes at school where they would tell him to concentrate on spelling everything PHONETICALLY (which again, is very difficult to spell correctly) It is this irony which has stuck with Tom so when it came to naming a business this is what came to mind.

What Fenetic do best

At heart, our family is from Yorkshire in the UK. Consequently, Work ethic, Value for Money, Service and Honesty is what we focus on.

The sales and company ethos are based on honest prices and excellent customer service. Fenetic Wellbeing currently has over 25,000 feedback with 100% positive feedback registered on both eBay and Amazon. Monitoring customer satisfaction is a key element of the business. When a customer is unhappy with any aspect of their shopping experience Fenetic Wellbeing staff will act on it as soon as possible in order to rectify the problem. Fenetic Wellbeing believe that in business mistakes happen, how they deal with those mistakes and learn from them is the key in order to keep standards high.

The Industry

The mobility industry is littered with companies who are either looking to charge high prices in order to extort the elderly or people with mobility issues, equally there are companies who charge prices so low there is almost no customer service or back up which is required with many mobility products. Fenetic Wellbeing aims to deliver FAIR prices, with a strong after care policy on all products supplied.