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This week Tom sat and watched the New Dracula TV show on Sky Living HD. Whilst watching the annoyingly good looking Jonathan Rhys Meyers bite, fight, ponce about and seduce women, he naturally….. started thinking about………. mobility products.

So we wondered if we could construct a blog which linked seemingly unrelated subjects i.e. Rise and Recliner Chairs and erm… Dracula.

Its a long shot but here goes…..

It started with a Google search. Not surprisingly there are no direct matches between Rise and Recliner chairs and Dracula, Lightweight wheelchair and Dracula or Incontinence Products and Dracula. (Although in any chance meeting with Dracula, incontinence products would certainly be needed.)

This then led to a search of the following words: Dracula, Health, Mobility, Rise and Recliner chairs. ‘Fangfully’ this week’sFenetic Fascinating Link then appeared….

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This is fascinating stuff. Bats are tremendous creatures, but theyget a bad press. They are clearly very useful and to our minds – quite cute.These advances that are made in the medical world impress us here at Fenetic.

If Dracula must rise from the dead. He might as well do it in comfort, in one of our rise and recliner chairs….just saying.


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